Tooth Extractions

Tooth Removals

We will do all we can to save a tooth and we have a range of dental experts on hand to support this. Although when a removal is necessary, our tooth extractions are carried out with the greatest of care, with your comfort as our number one priority.

Although permanent teeth can last a lifetime, teeth that have become damaged may need to be removed or extracted. There are a number of reasons to remove a tooth, such as tooth decay, problematic wisdom teeth or to make room for orthodontic treatment.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Prior to performing an extraction, your dentist will discuss the procedure with you; making sure that your medical history is taken in to account, to ensure that it’s the safest option. Then, local anesthetic is applied to the area that the removal will take place to ensure that it’s numb. After this, the removal will take place. Some extractions can be more complex, in which case, a surgical extraction may occur.

What Next?

Due to each patient’s needs being unique, a consultation with one of our dentists is necessary to identify whether a removal is required or if the tooth/teeth can be saved with treatment. Our team will create a bespoke treatment plan, outlining all of the costs to put the patient in control of their treatment choices. We will also outline all of the payment options available, such as finance options to spread the cost of treatment or monthly plans to cover the cost of routine dental care. To book an appointment, please use the button below…

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